Shower Diverters | Tub Showers

Looking to convert your old tub into a tub and shower? Is your shower diverter acting up on you?

In both of those cases, you’re going to need a new shower diverter. DRAINPRO’s team of Ottawa plumbers can help. We’re experienced installers of shower diverters.

Putting in a new shower diverter

If you are planning to turn a tub to a shower tub, you’ll need a shower head, likely a new faucet, and, of course, a shower diverter.

DRAINPRO can install all three for you. And because all of our work is covered by our one year guarantee, you get the security of knowing that if something goes wrong with the installation, we’ll be back out to fix it.

Much of the time, a new shower diverter requires a new faucet. If your soon-to-be tub shower has a faucet without a shower diverter valve (a lever that pushes the shower diverter into place), you’ll need a new faucet that has one.

What type of shower diverter do you currently have?

There are two types of shower diverter:

– A diverter that is held by a set screw

– A diverter that is attached by a threaded arrangement

If we’re replacing an already existing shower diverter, DRAINPRO can easily tell which type of diverter to use. In fact, we have both types in our trucks at all times.

Because we carry all our equipment in our trucks, we can get the job done faster without having to return to our service centre for supplies.

Unlike other plumbing companies, DRAINPRO stays until the job is done.

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