Drain and Water Lines

If you’re thinking of adding an addition to your house, you’ll need to make sure that your current piping can handle the load.

We can perform video inspections to determine whether your existing drain lines will be enough to support the new requirements. If not, we can construct the new drain lines.

Other reasons you might want to open up new water or drain lines include:

– Inadequate drainage for current basement drain

– Planning a new bathroom or kitchen that requires drainage

– Existing water lines are inadequate

Water Line Installation

When the time comes to install a new water line, trust the professional Ottawa plumbers at DRAINPRO to get the job done right the first time. We’ve installed water lines all over the city, and are familiar with the challenges of installing lines in Ottawa soil.

DRAINPRO will dig a channel for the new water line, lay pipe, and connect it to the proper water main. This is not a job you can legally do by yourself, so trust DRAINPRO, your licensed plumber.

All of our installations come with a one year guarantee. That means that if something were to go wrong with the installation in the first year, we would service it. But since we do it right the first time, the likelihood of something going wrong is very low.

Open Drains and Basement Drains

If you need a new drain line installed, DRAINPRO is the Ottawa plumbers to call. Whether it’s an open drain, a basement drain, or any other type of drain, we have the expertise and ability to install it.

And because we’re expert plumbers, you can count on that drain to be installed right the first time.

Also, we only use top quality equipment and keep all of our equipment with us in our trucks, which mean that we don’t need to make trips back to the lot to get supplies. We stay until the job is done.

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