Water Line Repairs

We all need water. And when there is something wrong with the water line that supplies you with clean Ottawa water, something needs to be done about it fast.

While not every water line issue requires emergency plumbing service, some do. If a blockage in your water line means that you’re not able to draw water, call DRAINPRO for emergency plumbing service.

What causes water line issues?

Just like sewer blockages water line problems can be caused by many factors. One of the most common is damage caused by tree roots. Left unchecked, tree roots can damage water lines, leading to leaks, and even to blockages.

In Ottawa, another cause of water line issues is the shifting of the ground during the spring thaw.

Breaks and cracks in the water line can allow debris to enter the pipe, causing a discolored drinking supply. If your water has become discolored, do not drink it. Contaminated soil can cause health issues, and it’s important that the break in the water line be dealt with as soon as possible.

DRAINPRO can help

DRAINPRO can get to your home quickly to assess the issue. We have trucks spread out across all of Ottawa, and it’s likely that one is nearby at any given time.

If the pipe needs to be replaced, we’re equipped to do that too. We keep our trucks stocked with all the equipment we’ll need for every job.

24/7 emergency plumbing services

DRAINPRO offers 24/7 emergency service for water line repairs. If you feel as though your broken water line requires immediate service, please call us right away.

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