Video Inspections

When you have a plumbing problem without an answer, video inspection might be the best way to go. If you’ve tried everything – plunging, drain cleaners, flushing, drain snaking – and the clog still won’t go away, call DRAINPRO.

While video inspections are also used before intensive renovations, their most common use is to determine the root cause of a major clog or backup.


High-Tech Video Equipment

DRAINPRO is equipped with the latest in video technology. Our system has proven itself time and time again, locating problems that even the most experienced Ottawa plumbers have been confused by.

But since we have video inspection equipment in our trucks, we’re never confused. We use our video inspection equipment to locate the problem quickly.

To locate the clog, we’ll insert a video camera on a wire down your pipe. The camera sends us a live feed of what it sees through the wire to a monitor. We’re able to control the camera remotely.

Once we locate the clog or other issue, we’re able to deal with it quickly and effectively.

Video Inspections Before Renovations

Often video inspections are necessary to determine whether or not a sewer or piping system will be able to handle the needs of a new renovation.

If you’re planning an addition to your house, but are unaware of the state of the piping below it, call DRAINPRO. We’ll be able to tell you with certainty whether or not you’ll need to upgrade the piping under your house.

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