Toilet, Faucet, or Sink Repairs

When your toilet isn’t working it can often be more than an inconvenience. Leaks can damage flooring, can cause flooding in walls, and can lead to major problems in the future. When you need a toilet fixed, you can count on DRAINPRO, your Ottawa plumber, to provide reliable, efficient service. The same goes for faucets and sinks. While they look simple enough, faucets are fairly complex machines. They consist of a handle, a packing nut, and a washer all working in harmony. A problem with any one of these parts can cause a leaky faucet. Any problems with the functioning of your bathroom equipment may be costing you money. Inefficiencies and leaks waste water, and can affect your water bill. With recent increases in the cost of utilities, that’s not something you want.

Let DRAINPRO Fix Your Toilet

If your toilet isn’t flushing properly, give us a call. Whatever the problem – leaks, breaks, issues with the flange – we repair toilets of all makes and models. And because all of our Ottawa plumbing repairs are backed by our one year guarantee, you can be sure that the problem will stay fixed. Many toilet fixes are quick operations. They may require a new flapper valve to prevent water from leaking into the bowl from the tank, but our skilled technicians can often fix a toilet without requiring any new equipment. Toilet flange repair is another matter. Much of the time, a toilet flange (the part of the toilet that connects to the drainpipe at the bottom of the floor) may be damaged beyond repair. If you’re experiencing leaking from the bottom of your toilet, you may need DRAINPRO to replace the flange itself.

Let DRAINPRO Fix Your Leaky Faucet or Sink

A leaky faucet repair may be as quick as a few tightens by our technicians. Or it may require an entirely new faucet. Whether your faucet is leaking, or the mechanism is broken, you can trust DRAINPRO to fix the problem. Remember, because our trucks are fully stocked, we don’t leave until the job is done. And if you’re having difficulty with your sink, we can get it running again. At times, the sink may need to be replaced. Luckily, DRAINPRO is a Gerber-certified installer, which means that you get the best install for your new sink. Contact us to arrange for an estimate today!


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