Floor Drain Repairs

When something goes wrong with floor drains, the results can be disastrous. Water can leak into your flooring and large-scale flooding may occur.

It’s at times like this when you need a trained Ottawa plumber. And DRAINPRO is there for you.

Floor Drain Clogs

Floor drains can get clogged, either with hair, grease or grass. This is especially true of floor drains that don’t have adequate strainers attached to them.

DRAINPRO is well equipped to deal with even the most tenacious clogs. We can employ flushing techniques that send high-pressure water through the drain, forcing the clog out and cleaning the drain thoroughly in the process.

We can also use drain snakes, coiled metal wires that are inserted into drains and used to drill through blockages.

And when the blockage is clear, we can provide you with a high-quality strainer to prevent the blockage from returning.

Rusted and Broken Floor Drains

In cases where the floor drain has become rusted or broken, some or all of the drain may need to be replaced.

DRAINPRO’s skilled technicians will walk you through the process before we start. We’ll give you an estimate that you can trust – we stand by our estimates.

New at DRAINPRO: Bruno’s Back Water Trap

side-viewConventional drains used in most buildings may help drain water from a basement; however, they do not deliver effective protection against potentially harmful sewage that can often back up due to faulty plumbing or floods. The outdated “p-style” trap found in most floor drains will allow water to drain from the basement or subfloor, but it can also allow sewer water, sewer gases and offensive odours to back up into the home or building.

By combining the benefits of a backwater valve and a trap, Bruno’s Backwater Trap prevents the back up of sewer water and gases AND provides an added 9 inches of protection against groundwater, beneath the concrete floor. Learn more about Bruno’s Back Water Trap at backwatertrap.com.

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