Blocked Sewers and Pipes

If you’ve ever experienced a sewage backup, you know it’s not pleasant. In bad sewer backups, what goes down comes back up. That’s not something you want.

Sewage backups can be caused by a number of things:

  • Broken pipes
  • Grease
  • Tree roots
  • Diapers
  • And more…

How DRAINPRO can solve the problem

We work to determine the cause of the problem first. Then, when we’re ready to start work, we’ll give you your complete estimate. Because we stick to our initial pricing, you can count on that estimate being the final price you pay. No hidden fees, no nonsense.

Because DRAINPRO is equipped for video inspections we can locate the problem quickly and easily, and determine the best fix.

Depending on the severity of the problem in your pipes, we may be able to fix the problem with flushing. Flushing involves forcing high-pressure water through pipe systems to clear the debris that are causing the sewage backup.

We may also use special sewer drain snakes to clear the issue. Drain snakes are flexible metal rods that contain a spinning bit, like a drill bit. Our Ottawa plumbers insert them into your pipe or sewer until they reach the blockage, then the snake is turned on and the bit chews through the blockage.

Pipe Repairs

If the blockage is caused by a decayed or rusted pipe, the pipe will need to be repaired or replaced. DRAINPRO’s expert plumbers will get to work on the problem immediately, replacing the problematic length of pipe and getting your system back to normal.

New at DRAINPRO: Bruno’s Back Water Trap

side-viewConventional drains used in most buildings may help drain water from a basement; however, they do not deliver effective protection against potentially harmful sewage that can often back up due to faulty plumbing or floods. The outdated “p-style” trap found in most floor drains will allow water to drain from the basement or subfloor, but it can also allow sewer water, sewer gases and offensive odours to back up into the home or building.

By combining the benefits of a backwater valve and a trap, Bruno’s Backwater Trap prevents the back up of sewer water and gases AND provides an added 9 inches of protection against groundwater, beneath the concrete floor. Learn more about Bruno’s Back Water Trap at

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