How to Unclog Drains, Baths and Toilets

DRAINPRO is an expert Ottawa plumber. We offer the following as advice. However, note that you take any of the advice below at your own risk.

Plumbing jobs require a great deal of precision. Attempting DIY solutions for these problems can often cause more problems in your plumbing systems.

We recommend that you call DRAINPRO for all your plumbing needs.

How To Unclog a Drain, Bath or Toilet

Because all of these systems have drains, the process for unclogging a toilet, unclogging a clogged bathtub or clogged shower drain or sink is much the same.

  1. Close any overflow openings. In a clogged sink, the overflow opening is usually on the side of the sink closest to you. In a clogged bathtub, the overflow is underneath the faucet. Usually, a wet cloth is enough to completely block the overflow opening. For toilets and all other drains, ignore this step.
  2. Cover the drain hole with a plunger, making sure that the seal around the hole is complete. You may want to try coating the plunger with petroleum jelly to make the seal better.
  3. Push down on the handle of the plunger. Give a number of firm strikes downward, then quickly jerk the plunger upwards. If nothing comes up, repeat the process.
  4. If the clog is cleared, flush the toilet repeatedly, or run the water above the drain. Running the water helps to ensure that the clog completely clears.
  5. If the clog has not cleared, it is time to turn to augers. For the process of snaking a toilet, see below. Otherwise, proceed to the next step. Do not use chemical drain openers as they can often damage pipes and make problems worse.
  6. Run the cable of the auger down the drain or, if it is a bathtub, down the overflow opening. Once you meet resistance, begin to slowly turn the auger handle. This should remove the clog.
  7. If the clog persists, call DRAINPRO.

How to Snake a Toilet

Be sure to purchase a snake with a smaller head. Larger headed drain snakes are not appropriate for toilets. Note that DRAINPRO’s team of Ottawa plumbers is outfitted with many types of snakes and can get your toilet unclogged quickly.

  1. Insert the drain snake into the opening at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Do not drain the toilet of water, as water is beneficial in cleaning clogs.
  2. Turn the handle of the snake as you continue to insert it into the toilet bowl.
  3. Once you meet resistance, keep turning. You may have found the clog.
  4. Bring the snake back up. You may bring some of the clog with it.
  5. Repeat the process until the toilet is clear.

If the clog persists, call DRAINPRO.


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