How to Install a Toilet

At DRAINPRO, we know that you can handle some plumbing jobs by yourself. However, we also caution against attempting major installs alone. DRAINPRO’s professional plumbers can install your toilet quickly and expertly.

And because we offer a one year guarantee on every job we do, your toilet will be backed by DRAINPRO’s quality service.

We offer you these basic DIY guides in order to help you with your basic plumbing installs. Please be aware that you follow these guides at your own risk. We strongly advise hiring DRAINPRO. Plumbing by yourself can often cause damage to existing plumbing systems.

Install a Toilet

This guide assumes that you will install a toilet to replace a current existing toilet. It assumes that plumbing lines are already installed.

If you need extra plumbing lines installed, call DRAINPRO to arrange for an estimate.

  1. Replace the bolts on the old flange. With a new toilet install, you’ll want to make sure you’re using fresh bolts to ensure a good seal.
  2. Place the wax ring, flat side down, over the flange. If this ring didn’t come with your toilet, they are available at most hardware stores. The ring is built to mold to the shape of the underside of your toilet bowl, and will prevent seepage.
  3. Place the toilet bowl over the flange, paying careful attention to the position of the bolts. Do not wiggle or rock the toilet. Bring it down evenly over the flange and the wax ring.
  4. Tighten the bolts at the base of the toilet bowl. Do not over-tighten as this will crack the bowl.
  5. Use a hacksaw to trim the extra bolt length about one to two threads above the nuts. This allows the bolts to fit securely under the bolt covers.
  6. Snap the bolt covers into place.
  7. Prepare the tank for attachment:
    1. Fit washers in the small tank holes
    2. Insert the tank bolts through those same holes from the inside of the tank.
  8. Lower the tank onto the back of the bowl.
  9. Slip washer around the tank bolts from the under side of the toilet bowl.
  10. Attach nuts to the tank bolts and tighten, but do not over-tighten.
  11. Connect the handle to the flapper chain.
  12. Attach the intake hose to the shutoff valve on the wall. It’s best to use a new hose to do this.

If you need additional help to install your toilet, don’t hesitate to call DRAINPRO.


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