Plumbing Basics

Did your sink explode? Having some difficulty with your toilets? We’re here to help. Plumbing in Ottawa is never an easy business. Some this city’s buildings are old, with faulty piping and poor prior workmanship.

So let us help you. In the following section you’ll find some basic tips for doing some self-directed plumbing.

We’ll give you some help with the following:

Click on the above for helpful tutorials that can help you fix your plumbing. We’ll walk you through these plumbing tutorials in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner.


Be careful. Many of these procedures can permanently damage your home. While we are happy to give you tutorials on how to go about these simple procedures, you should be aware that you follow them at your own risk.

If you need more help with any of these procedures, be sure to contact DRAINPRO’s trained team.

Make Your ‘Throne’ Fit for Royalty!

Bathroom renovations are something we have all dreamt of. Having a new, clean, refreshed bathroom adds value to your home and relaxation to your life. It’s a room that often gets overlooked in the renovation and decorating process. It’s understandable, bathrooms can be complicated to redo. There is a lot to take into account, more than in other rooms you may work on. There can be a lot of plumbing and electrical concerns that may seem overwhelming. Well, there’s good news – DRAINPRO, your Ottawa Plumber, does bathroom renovations! Upgrades, renovations, replacement and repair all from one company. Not too... Read More

Water, Water, Everywhere – And So Are Water Lines

It has been said “when the well is dry, we know the worth of water”. For Ottawans, this phrase could be updated to “when the water lines are broken, we know the worth of water”. Clean, reliable water is essential for any home and any family. DRAINPRO, your Ottawa Plumber, is committed to keeping your water flowing. Water lines are usually installed at the same time a home is being built. So, like any other household feature they are subject to regular wear and tear over the years. Water lines can also be affected by unusual problems like growing tree... Read More

Heaters Gonna Heat!

There’s nothing quite like a nice warm shower on a cold day. And the days don’t get much colder than in Ottawa in the winter. Reliable hot water keeps makes any home feel infinitely more comfortable, especially when the weather turns cold. Have you ever tried to wash your dishes with cold water in the middle of the winter? Can’t say we recommend it. DRAINPRO, your Ottawa Plumber, has made itself available to the entire Ottawa area 24/7 for any plumbing needs. This includes water heater repair and replacement. A good water heater can have a life span of 10-15... Read More

Keep Your Washers Washing!

Something wonderful about growing up is getting to set up your own apartment or house. Ottawa has one of the youngest populations of any city in Canada! So, that means there are lots of Ottawans who are experiencing owning their very first dishwasher or their first washer and dryer set. Sadly, like with most things, with these perks come responsibilities. Caring for these appliances on your own can be daunting. But another perk of growing up is you can hire people to help you with these things! That’s why DRAINPRO, your Ottawa Plumber, is available 24/7! These appliances can save... Read More

Pump, Pump, Sump Pump It Up!

Get ready Ottawa, SPRING is well on its way! But, along with the baby birds, blooming flowers and warmer weather comes the possibility of flooding. You don’t want a flooded basement ruining your first taste of spring. That’s where your Sump Pump and DRAINPRO, your Ottawa Plumber, come in. A Sump Pump is normally located in your basement or crawlspace. It detects rising water levels and automatically begins pumping any excess water safely out and away from your home. A Sump Pump can save you from a flooded basement and potentially thousands of dollars in damage! So, it’s well worth... Read More

Spring into Action!

Look out Ottawa – here comes spring! As much as we all may love the change of the seasons, spring can bring with it some interesting plumbing challenges. With the ground thawing and the snow melting there is water everywhere! Excess water can easily seep into your home or surrounding property and cause problems. DRAINPRO, your Ottawa Plumber, knows all about water. They deal with it in one form or another every day! They have trucks all over the Greater Ottawa Area ready to help with any and all of your plumbing concerns. Just in case they can’t be everywhere... Read More

Pumped Up for Septic Pumping!

It may not be a glamorous issue, but septic tank pumping is not something to be ignored! A septic tank takes care of one of the messiest chores out there. You want to keep it running smoothly and effectively. It should be inspected regularly and The Ontario Ministry of the Environments recommends pumping your tank every 3-5 years. DRAINPRO has the expertise and equipment to inspect and pump your septic tank whenever you need it. In the meantime, your Ottawa Plumber has some helpful suggestions for keeping your septic tank functioning properly. Be Aware and Record: As mentioned above, have... Read More

Preventable Plumbing Problems

It’s easy for any homeowner to make small mistakes (especially when it comes to plumbing). Plumbing can be tricky. Often times it is not visible – so it can be difficult to tell if something is going wrong. There may be some habits you have that you don’t even know are potentially damaging. Fortunately, DRAINPRO, your Ottawa Plumber, knows all the ins and outs of plumbing and has some suggestions to help you protect your fixtures for as long as possible. Don’t Leave the Water Running. It’s a little thing and we all forget to do it sometimes. But simply... Read More


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