Our Mission

Have you had a bad experience with a plumber? Are you looking for a plumber that will be honest and direct with you?

DRAINPRO is that plumber. Our mission is to provide you with the best plumbing in Ottawa. Everything we do is done to serve you better, faster, and as professionally as possible.

Wide Service Area

Plumbing in Ottawa is a necessary business. This city has many new developments going up that need excellent plumbing services, but it also has plenty of older homes that are in need of plumbing repair.

At DRAINPRO, we have a fleet of trucks spread out across the entirety of the city of Ottawa. Because we never know where the next call is going to come from, we increase our coverage by strategically placing our trucks around the city.

That means that we’re able to offer you fast, efficient service.

Expert Plumbing in Ottawa

Our plumbers know their stuff.

They are qualified and ready to get the job done. They believe that the customer’s happiness is the ultimate goal of any plumbing job.

24/7 Emergency Services

We offer 24 hour emergency services because we know that when something goes wrong with plumbing it can be a very scary experience.

Is your living room flooded? Is a burst pipe threatening your furniture? Don’t wait until “regular business hours!” Give us a call. We are here to help.

Guaranteed Service and Predictable Pricing

We want you to be happy with your plumbing install. If you’ve ever had a plumber that charged you too much and was nowhere to be found when the problem returned, try DRAINPRO.

We give you our price up front, so you always know what you’re paying. We don’t charge more for weekend or overtime, and you never get stuck with a larger bill than you signed up for.

Plus, all of our workmanship is guaranteed for 1 year. If something goes wrong with our work, we’ll make it right.

Call us to arrange for an estimate today!


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