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Water, Water, Everywhere – And So Are Water Lines

It has been said “when the well is dry, we know the worth of water”. For Ottawans, this phrase could be updated to “when the water lines are broken, we know the worth of water”. Clean, reliable water is essential for any home and any family. DRAINPRO, your Ottawa Plumber, is committed to keeping your water flowing.

Water lines are usually installed at the same time a home is being built. So, like any other household feature they are subject to regular wear and tear over the years. Water lines can also be affected by unusual problems like growing tree roots or the ground rapidly freezing or thawing. Ottawans know more about freezing and thawing than most! In a city with such dramatic temperature changes it’s important to keep your water lines in mind and ensure they are well maintained and functioning properly.

Issues can be minor. A gradual change in your water quality or pressure that you may not have even noticed. If you identify an problem with your water you can call DRAINPRO and they will help you set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Some issues can be more problematic and require immediate attention. Your water lines may crack or break causing an instant negative change in your water quality. Or there may be no useable water coming into the house at all. For these situations there is always DRAINPROs ‘emergency plumbing services’. Any time of day your Ottawa Plumber will answer your call and work to get your problem fixed right away. With trucks deployed all over the Greater Ottawa Area, chances are there is always a DRAINPRO expert right in your area.

Clean, reliable water should be a right for all Canadians – and all humans! DRAINPRO, your Ottawa Plumber, is doing its part to keep Ottawa’s water safe and accessible for all Ottawans.


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