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Make Your ‘Throne’ Fit for Royalty!

Bathroom renovations are something we have all dreamt of. Having a new, clean, refreshed bathroom adds value to your home and relaxation to your life. It’s a room that often gets overlooked in the renovation and decorating process. It’s understandable, bathrooms can be complicated to redo. There is a lot to take into account, more than in other rooms you may work on. There can be a lot of plumbing and electrical concerns that may seem overwhelming. Well, there’s good news – DRAINPRO, your Ottawa Plumber, does bathroom renovations! Upgrades, renovations, replacement and repair all from one company. Not too shabby!

DRAINPRO is committed to ensuring you end up with the bathroom of your dreams. That is why your Ottawa Plumber has access to all of the top brands. Brands like Gerber, Delta, American Standard, and Moen. If there is a brand you would prefer that DRAINPRO doesn’t already have in their trucks, they will go out and pick it up for you at no extra charge. Not only will DRAINPRO make sure you have the appliances you want, but they are committed to keeping them running. All of DRAINPRO’s work comes with a one-year guarantee. In the case of new appliances that one-year guarantee comes on top of the existing manufacturers warrantee. So, you can be confident that your new bathroom will look and function wonderfully for years to come.

Your bathroom sink, shower or tub, and toilet are appliances you use every day. It seems only right that you should surround yourself with fixtures that you enjoy and that fit your needs. Maybe you have a stressful job and would love a beautiful tub for a calming bath at the end of the day. Or maybe you have a growing family and that one sink vanity just isn’t big enough anymore. Whatever your reason for renovating, DRAINPRO can take care of it all!


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