Plumbing Basics

Did your sink explode? Having some difficulty with your toilets? We’re here to help. Plumbing in Ottawa is never an easy business. Some this city’s buildings are old, with faulty piping and poor prior workmanship.

So let us help you. In the following section you’ll find some basic tips for doing some self-directed plumbing.

We’ll give you some help with the following:

Click on the above for helpful tutorials that can help you fix your plumbing. We’ll walk you through these plumbing tutorials in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner.


Be careful. Many of these procedures can permanently damage your home. While we are happy to give you tutorials on how to go about these simple procedures, you should be aware that you follow them at your own risk.

If you need more help with any of these procedures, be sure to contact DRAINPRO’s trained team.

Simple Ways to Maintain your Plumbing Year Round

Prevention is the key to a healthy plumbing system.  Following our simple maintenance tips will help keep your pipes flowing smoothly all year. Invest in quality parts to save money in the long run by minimizing maintenance and repairs you would spend on less expensive products. Watching for leaks and hunting down foul odors or peculiar noises is the best way to ensure optimal performance from your plumbing. Hire licensed, expert plumbers to provide safe, professional maintenance should you discover a problem and/or to perform annual inspections for exceptional plumbing preservation. Regularly check your meter while no water is running.... Read More

Common Causes of a Leaky Toilet and How to Choose the Right Toilet

Stop flushing your money down the toilet; replace or repair leaky toilets right away. The cost of leaky toilets usually goes beyond excessive water charges.Water damage and mold problems often multiply cash outflows if toilet leaks are not fixed immediately. Common Causes for Under-the-Toilet Leaks Older flanges break Flange sits low in the floor Over tightening ofthe flange nuts Wax ring loses its seal when a rocking toilet sitting on an uneven surface has not been shimmed Usual Reasons Tanks Leak Worn tank washers, bolts or gasket Gasket, pipe or bolt corrosion from water impurities, chemicals and/or age Worn or... Read More

Summer Plumbing Problems and How to Avoid Them

Summer is not without its share of plumbing woes that can quickly wash away the summertime bliss we wait so long for. Summer simply isn’t long enough for both plumbing problems and fun; thus, we have organized the top seven summer plumbing problems and ways you can avoid those unwanted (and uninvited) repairs that interrupt barbecues, cookouts, poolside escapes and family vacations. Backup in Sewer Lines Roots grow rapidly during the spring and summer rains. As roots grow, they are naturally attracted to the sewer lines, which readily supply nutrients to the roots. If roots grow into sewer pipes, the... Read More

Spring Shape-up for Your Home’s Plumbing

Believe it or not, Ottawa, spring is indeed in the air! Winter may be overstaying its welcome this year, but a warmer, sunnier season is on the horizon (we promise!) and now is the time to give your home’s plumbing a much-need shape-up!  The Canadian freeze takes its toll on plumbing – as does the rain that warmer weather brings.  It’s important to address any winter wear and tear on pipes as they start to thaw. Use this handy plumbing maintenance checklist now so you avert bigger issues and spend your summer doing the fun stuff! Avoid the Big Drip:... Read More

Giving Love to the Almighty Plunger

Plunger 101 Ah yes, the mightyyyyplunger! You know the one. The oft unloved but critical little tool that sits at the back of your bathroom cupboard, removed only during emergencies and then promptly returned to its well-hidden spot. A plunger is one of the most necessary and unappreciated tools in your home. But when company is over and an overflowing toilet strikes, that plunger can easily transform into the prettiest piece of rubber you’ve ever seen! But wait, not all plungers are created equally.There are high-quality models and low end varieties available. And the plunger you really need for that... Read More

Winter Cottage Plumbing Woes … and what to do about them!

We Canadians love our cottages. The laid-back, peaceful lifestyle of a lakeside retreat is especially appealing for those in the hustle bustle of larger cities like Ottawa – especially during summer months. Recreation properties do have plenty of advantages. But many people are unaware that owning and maintaining an all-season cottage is much like maintaining a home. They require a significant amount of upkeep, even after boating season wraps up. Plumbing problems are among the most common challenges faced during the winter months. The greatest challenge is that most cottagers visit regularly during spring, summer and early fall but rarely... Read More

Rescuing Your Pipes from a Deep Freeze

Already this winter, we’ve seen some bitterly extreme temperatures dropping well below -20° Celsius. As a result, our phones have been ringing off the hook with calls from (understandably) concerned homeowners whose water pipes have frozen. Waking up to a frozen pipe is indeed cause for serious concern and should be addressed immediately. If one of those pipes were to burst the effects can be disastrous, causing significant water damage and a lengthy, costly clean up. While the ideal time to prepare your home’s pipes for frigid weather is BEFORE the cold sets in, it’s never too late to take... Read More

Dishwasher Maintenance: An ounce of prevention could save you gallons in flood water!

5 Tips for a Well-Maintained Dishwasher Imagine your world before the humble dishwasher, filled with seemingly endless hours of rinsing, soaking, scrubbing, drying, sore backs, cracked hands and absolute frustration? Most of us don’t remember when we first began using our ingenious little machines, but we never forget when they break down! Luckily, most dishwashers are easy to keep happy. A little TLC from time to time will ensure your appliance (and your day!) keeps running smoothly for many years, and prevent some potentially disastrous plumbing problems in the process. *Note: Always turn off power to your dishwasher right at... Read More


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